Performance and style should NOT be mutually exclusive.

This is the overriding belief that we have here at nudge. We are constantly working towards the perfect integration of street and sport.

Nudge originated from a harmless conversation between two childhood mates (Willy and Marcus) who, being career athletes, had spent years of their life wearing typically ugly sport clothes. 
During the course of this conversation, several key questions were asked:

- Why not look good while running/training/playing touch footy?

- Why aren't there garments that look as styley as casual clothes but perform like sporting clothes?

- Why not do it ourselves?

There were no good answers to these questions, so we set about designing and developing clothes that would look good and feel good, but perform like sportswear. 

nudge. was born.

Since then, we have spent hours and hours seeking to create the most comfortable garments. The sort of go-to garments that you never want to take off, no matter what you're doing. We continue to experiment with different cuts, fabrics and designs.

Whilst working on nudge. both of us maintain a full-time professional athletic schedule. These schedules often require us to travel to many different countries around the world. We make use of every opportunity to talk to other athletic or active people to see what they desire in their casual clothes, and have amassed a wealth of knowledge from the sporting community. Our sweaty jobs also allow us plenty of chances to test the performance of our garments!

If you have any suggestions, feedback or just want to have a bit of banter, drop us a line through our contact form. We love hearing from you.

To reward those who have read this far, here are two quotes that we would all do well to live by:

"Life is too short, or too long, to live badly." - The Dalai Lama

"Wear nudge." - Mum